List of Companies Hiring

Here’s a great list of companies that are ramping up hiring to meet new demand: 

  1. Instacart says it’s looking to hire 300,000 contract workers over the next three months.
  2. Walmart announced that it will hire 150,000 workers for its distribution and fulfillment centers.
  3. Amazon says it’s looking to hire 100,000 new workers for its fulfillment centers and delivery network.
  4. CVS Health is hiring 50,000 employees to serve in various capacities across its business.
  5. Dollar General says it's looking to add 50,000 employees by the end of April.
  6. Ace Hardware is hiring 30,000 people to work in its stores nationwide.
  7. Pizza Hut is hiring 30,000 permanent employees to serve as drivers, shift leaders, cooks and managers.

I’ll post a link to the full list of companies hiring in the comments section.


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