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During this SIP (Shelter In Place), we don't have the ability to do in person onboarding, and there are some challenges around how to tackle remote new hire training and paperwork. There are a lot of resources out there, but here are some tips I have found really helpful. I would love to hear others perspectives on this!
1. New Hire Paperwork - I9s, W4's, E-Doc signing and such: Now more than ever it is really helpful to have an HRIS in place that automates your new hire paperwork process. Fountain also provides a seamless post-hire document signing process which allows you to track and manage all new hire paperwork including I-9s. (During this crisis, DHS is being flexible with the physical checking of documents for employers who are taking physical proximity precautions)
2. Remote Orientation: Use Zoom, Google Hangouts, or another video conferencing application for remote orientations. Make it interactive and fun by having a well thought out orientation deck, maybe doing a quiz at the end, and even a virtual walk-through of the workspace if you have one. Introduce the new team member with a fun interactive introduction (such as two truths and a lie).
3. Remote Employee Training: Video trainings and an LMS are the way to go, and not only are they necessary during this crisis, they are extremely efficient and useful even when you are not forced to train remotely. There are once again a lot of solutions out there for this, and Fountain has integration capabilities with a few really great tools that you can start using now and in the future for seamless employee training.


  • Thanks Jaci! I think this is also a great time for companies and employers to think about how new hires are welcomed and feel apart of the team. One option could be setting up a new hire with a more tenured member of the team at the beginning of the onboarding process could help build community and make sure the new hire feels like they have someone that they can ask any questions during the onboarding process or the job in general.

    During this "virtual" time, I wonder what other ways can we connect with new hires during the remote onboarding process?
  • We have been using Zoom for our group on-boarding sessions. It's definitely a little challenging since we've been doing it in person for years. I feel like it's harder to keep people's attention so we've been trying to get creative with asking each attendee a question about themselves to make it fun, find a connection, and make it less stiff.
  • @rentsons I love that idea! We also have a '#new-members' slack channel where we do a company-wide "two truths and a lie" for everyone that joins the team. It's a great icebreaker and you learn a little bit about the person
  • My team here at Northpass has been helping a number of Fountain clients move to remote onboarding through our Fountain integrated self paced learning platform. We enable seamless remote on-boarding at scale. We are giving all Fountain clients free access to Northpass for a couple of weeks so they can see how remote onboarding can help their teams during these challenging times. Feel free to get in touch if you'd like to learn more. [email protected]
  • JaciJaci
    Love the ideas! @emilysimons I agree, it is important to build that sense of community. One thing we are starting to do now is a virtual lunch with new hire's team members, allowing them to expense it and encouraging more casual interaction.
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