Hiring Metrics

Hiring in the time of Covid-19 can be very uncertain. Some companies are experience layoffs, cutting cost, and of course others have been forced to shut their doors due to shelter in place orders. As hiring processes and strategies change it is important for teams to redefine their hiring metrics to reflect their new hiring processes.

I'm curious about how teams are adjusting their hiring metrics and where they are seeing success and struggles and would love to hear from everyone!

A few metrics that have likely already changed are:
1) Job Posting ROI - Are you utilizing the best job boards for sourcing the best applicants?

2) Applicant and rejection counts - With the increase in applicants you will be rejecting more candidates, are you factoring in increase applicants and rejection reasons into your metrics?

3) Time to Hire - The way teams are hiring virtually has changed the time to hire, some it has even cut the time to hire down due to not scheduling in person interviews, has your team seen your time to hire increase or decrease?

What other metrics are your teams measuring or focusing on during this unprecedented time?

Do you keeping some of these changes when the shelter in place is lifted or if this a long term direction change for your team?

What metrics are now a difficult pain point that you were not expecting?
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