Changes in grocery delivery

We've seen a lot of action with customers in the grocery delivery sector in how they are handling the shift in demand due to COVID. I've heard of a lot of buzz on best practices around COVID (such as how to help existing workers be more safe with care packages, and no-contact delivery training). Hiring teams are also facing operational challenges such as addressing slowed background checks due to court closures. Would like to know what kind of challenges others are seeing and any solutions both short and long-term!


  • Hi! Typically we don't take care of grocery delivery. We usually do more laborious jobs such as painting, landscaping, moving, etc. but with us unable to do most of our normal jobs we shifted towards providing grocery delivery for those who are elderly or immune compromised. It's been super successful so far and we are partnering with the start starting this Friday to do contactless grocery delivery to COVID-19 positive homes. The state is paying for the delivery fee for the patients so that there is no excuse for them to go out.
  • tyanatyana admin
    That's super interesting and awesome of your company! I'd love to know which state is currently offering to pay for delivery fees - definitely something that should be leveraged across all businesses too (such as restaurant delivery) and I'm wondering if people are aware of the process to apply for something like this.
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