COVID-19: When hiring slows - what are recruiting teams prioritizing?

With unemployment recently eclipsing 15%, managing your pipelines is absolutely key. For both essential & non-essential businesses, it's likely you've seen 2-3x applicant increases regardless of if your hiring has slowed down.

It is critical that you continue communicating with these candidates. Keep in mind the impression you are leaving when a candidate applies to your company, but never hears from you. This impression is being amplified within the current climate.

What is the best way to communicate with this increase in applicants? Automation. Find tools and set workflows that allow you to automate your communication as much as possible. It'll make all the difference.

What are some other things recruiters are prioritizing when hiring slows down?


  • Before I was laid off from my Manager of Talent Acquisition position, my recruiting team was working on some new features and products in our ATS. We had just renewed our contract in late 2019 and purchased some new products, so we were working with the implementation teams and getting those configured and set up for release in the coming months. We were also pipelining candidates for common roles across the country.
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