Webinar - Pivoting For Covid-19 - Learn How Wag! Has Made it Work

Fountain is excited to showcase the hard work, resilience and initiative of Wag! Prior to Covid-19, Wag! Provided dog walking and pet sitting services to dog owners, a need that has halted now that shelter-in-place has risen and dog parents are home all day. Despite this, they have still been able to successfully avoid furloughing or laying any of their employees off!

Join the candid discussion to learn how Wag! has been able to successfully pivot during uncertainty, diving into what aided them in their ability to act fast and be agile, and what to expect moving forward.

This webcast will deliver on the following concepts:
- How to avoid furloughing or laying off your employees
- How to repurpose your existing hourly workforce
- How to communicate infrastructure changes within your workforce

If you’re interested, register here: https://get.fountain.com/webinars/pivoting-for-covid-19-how-wag-has-made-it-work
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