Streamline your recruiting with text-to-apply

Attracting and engaging talent can be a tall task for a recruiter, especially when they're hiring for multiple job recs across many different locations.

Incorporating texting into your hiring strategy is the best way to get more candidates in the pipeline, and keep them engaged. Text-to-apply removes friction from their application process and allows them to apply from anywhere, at any time.

Now that they're in the pipeline, texting allows you to communicate with them in real-time. Hourly employees check their phones significantly more than they check their email, so texts will prompt quicker responses and ultimately shortening your time-to-hire.


  • daryldaryl mod
    Text-to-apply is such a great value add to a recruiting tech stack! As you mentioned, text communications have a much higher read and response rate than emails. The keyword and shortcode can be put on absolutely anything, from takeout/shopping bags to a digital display ad to attract talent and fill the top of the funnel with applicants who are likely to already be a fan of the brand.
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