Biggest challenges with hiring: Yes or No

Fountain recently hosted a webinar featuring Tim Sackett, where he discussed the future of hourly hiring. In this webinar, a question was posed to the attendees asking where they face the biggest challenges in their recruiting process.

The answer receiving the most votes was not having enough candidates (35.9%). I was surprised to see these results. With the spike in unemployment, there should be more candidates on the market. I would’ve expected internal bottlenecks (21.9%) or applicant dropoffs (18.8%) to receive more votes, with recruiters having to deal with more applicants on the market and new workflows due to Covid-19.

One possibility is that these recruiting teams don’t have the bandwidth to reach more candidates, or the proper tools in place to reach these candidates.

What are your thoughts, are you surprised by these results?

Biggest challenges with hiring: Yes or No 11 votes

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