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Tell me a little bit about yourself and what your company does

“I’m an Operations Manager at Favor Delivery, but I also handle special projects. We are an on-demand food and grocery delivery service, focusing on local businesses and chains. We’re owned by HEB, one of the largest employers in Texas, and we’re competing with all the national chains.”

About how many “runners” are working at Favor at any given time?

“About 8,500 runners per weekday, on the weekend we have about 7,000. All of our runners are considered independent contractors, and we use Fountain to hire and onboard them through the process.”

How did your company react to the effects of COVID-19?

“Our demand has increased, so we actually did a rapid expansion to 75 different markets in one week, which is fairly abnormal. We did this to expand to those markets that already had HEB grocery stores.

We started a special grocery delivery service for seniors. This is a free service where we have a donations fund set up that completely covers their cost (Favor Senior Support Plan). We’ve dedicated a lot of employees to this program.”

Have you experienced any limitations?

“Well, we’re no longer able to do in-person orientations. We’ve flipped everything to a virtual platform. It was difficult at first because we have to build these virtual programs out basically in one day. The transition ended up being really smooth, but I imagine onboarding for these roles without actually meeting anyone in person definitely gets weird.”

Where do you experience the most roadblocks or bottlenecks when hiring members of your hourly workforce?

“When we were doing in-person interviews, getting them to actually come has always been a roadblock. Virtual interviews have actually been much more successful. Once they got activated in Fountain, the in-person conversion rate was around 36-45%. Our virtual conversions have been around 70-80%.”

What are you looking to get from an Hourly Recruiting Community?

“I really love that Fountain is doing this. It’s great to have a place to bounce ideas off each other. Even though we’re in different industries, we’re all doing the same thing.”

Huge thank you to Jenny for taking the time to speak with me!
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