How are HR departments advising their managers to talk about George Floyd?

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Interested in hearing from folks on how they are advising their managers to communicate with their employees regarding #blacklivesmatter and the protests that are currently going on right now all over the country. Are you providing special trainings or giving guidelines to managers? Are you encouraging managers to talk with employees? Is HR or senior leadership communicating with employees?


  • Great topic, Tracy. I believe this is not something you can simply ignore as a company, and employees are definitely expecting it to be addressed. Our Leadership/HR team has taken a stance and communicated it clearly with the company from the get-go. We support the Black Lives Matter movement, and will be looking internally at our own practices to see how we can get better from here.

    Some steps we are taking right now are encouraging managers to speak with their teams, check in on how they are doing personally, and give them the time and space to process this. We are also telling our teams that they can and should take the time they need to protest or support the cause in other ways. We are encouraging everyone who wants to, to also join in the discussion by joining our Diversity and Inclusion group and share ideas and resources.

    Some new initiatives will be additional and ongoing training around bias, for example. We are considering brining in expert trainers on this topic, as well as providing continuous learning resources. Whatever you decide to start doing as a company, it is important to remember this is not a one and done thing, but processes and practices need to be put in place to ensure this is a part of the culture now and continuously into the future.
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