3 Reasons to Use Emojis When Hiring

A recent trend has been the incorporation of texting into our recruiting processes. This addition has also opened the door to the use of emojis, a new and exciting form of communication. While it is not widely adopted within the workplace, using emojis can improve the outlook of your recruiting.

Here are 3 reasons to incorporate emojis in your hiring process:

1. Add levity

Job searches can be quite stressful when you’re in the weeds. A simple ‘thumbs-up’ or ‘smiley face’ emoji conveys positive emotion to the recipient.

2. Convey the proper message

93% of communication is non-verbal. When you send a message via email or text, even more, gets lost in translation. The addition of emojis allows us to send a clearer message to our applicants.

3. Clearer feedback from candidates

Similar to how we want to convey the proper message, our candidates do as well. Allowing the use of emojis will allow them to more adequately express their experience throughout the interview process.
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