Staying Active with Regular Exercise

Outside of working at Fountain, I spend a lot of time encouraging people to move. As a Group Fitness Instructor, it’s my way to connect with people, it’s my way to share life with people, and it’s my way of helping people take better care of themselves. As many of us continue to Shelter in Place for the next several weeks, staying active with regular exercise is more important than ever. Research does show that exercise can support our immune system and is proven to support our mental health. Whether you are taking daily walks, doing at-home video workouts, or following online video streaming classes... doing something active is better than doing nothing during this critical time.

What keeps you moving during COVID-19?


  • For sure, regular exercise is definitely a great way to reduce general stress at this time.
    I've taken up running again, which I've found to be great for getting myself away from my laptop for 30-60 minutes.
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